Heartsaver First Aid with CPR/AED Skills Session

This hands-on session will complete the requirement for course completion card for Heartsaver First Aid with CPR/AED. The online course portion must be taken prior to attendance.  This can be accessed via elearning.heart.org and is separately payable to the AHA.  The AHA states that this process takes 4 hours.  Some students have reported that this can up to 6 hours to complete. However, this does not have to be done in one sitting.  The required text is include within the online course fee and so does not have to be brought to this session.  The completion certificate—via paper, screen shot, or email—must be provided either at course time, or prior.  Note that the online course must be taken through the AHA website, no other online course or site will qualify.  Certification cards are issued within 72 hours of class attendance. If you need your card sooner than 72 hours please advise us when you register.

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