BLS provider Skills sessions

This is Part 2 & 3 to an online course which must be completed first.  To access the online portion, visit  The course is called “HeartCode BLS” and is currently priced at $28.50.  This utilizes an e-simulation (almost life-like) environment.  The American Heart Association states that this process takes 2 hours.  Some students have reported that this can take up to 3 or 4 hours to complete. Note that this separate fee is payable directly to the American Heart Association.  The required text is included within the $28.50 fee.  The printed completion certificate (or download via phone), provided by the AHA website upon successful completion of Part 1, must be brought to your Skills Session.  Note that the online course must be taken through the American Heart Association website, no other online course/site will qualify.

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